ASH 14 Inch Steel Slat Bed Frame
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  • A unique good looking and durable frame, this steel slat bed frame is a hansome frame.
  • It is made of steel and comes in grey smooth finish.
  • The round corners protect you from bumping your legs into the frame 
  • This frame can support heavy duty mattresses, is very stable, noise free, and can hold up to 2200 lbs.
  • Set up or diassembly is easy and quick.
  • An allen wrench comes with the frame to use when assembling the bed frame.
  • You may attach a standard sized headboard to this frame.
  • The steel slats are 1 inch thick and are 7 1/2 inches apart.
  • The frame offers ample storage underneath for luggages, bins, and personal item containers.
  • The mattress will dip 3/4" inside the frame sitting on the steel slats to hold it in place.



Twin 40 in wide x 76 in long  x 14 in high
Twin Extra Long 40 in wide x 81 in long x  14 in high
Full 54 in wide x 75 in long x 14 in high
Queen 60 in wide x 80 in long x 14 in high
King 76 in wide x 80 in long x 14 in high

  • Item #: HPU14BF13

ASH 14 Inch Steel Slat Bed Frame

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